Post operative instructions

After surgery

·      Ensure the eye shield remains in place overnight.

·      Remove the shield the next morning. If necessary, or if the eye becomes sticky, boil some water and allow it to cool, then dampen some cotton wool and gently wipe your eyelids from the nose outwards.

·      Instil eye drops as instructed, but do not use them after four weeks from the time you opened them.

·      Keep the plastic eye shield clean with soap and water, and tape it over the eye at night for two weeks.

·      You may wear your glasses if they help your vision, and you can read, watch television or go out and about.

·      You may wash your hair, bathe and shower, using the plastic shield for protection to avoid getting water in your eyes.

·      Try and avoid getting the eye wet.

·      Avoid swimming for at least two weeks.

·      It is probably best to avoid overseas travel for two weeks.

 ·      You will be sent a follow up appointment in due course.

 ·      It is not unusual for the eye to feel “scratchy” and as if there is something in it. This is normal, and the discomfort should ease within a few days.

If you have any of the following problems:

·      severe pain  

·      decreasing vision  

·      red sticky eyes

***Contact your consultant immediately***